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Home Extensions in Guildford | Your Guide to Building Regulations for Domestic Projects

When undertaking any type of construction, it’s essential that work fully complies with Building Regulations. These rules and standards are in place to protect you, your family and your home. At CBC Builders, we ensure every aspect of our services, from loft conversions to property refurbishments, meets regulations. Although Building Regulations are very detailed and cover many factors, there is some key information you need to know. Whether you’re planning property renovations, home extensions or other work in Guildford, we provide applications, plans and services that ensure approval, if necessary.

Some projects require approval, while some don’t - it depends on the nature of the work. At CBC Builders, we have thorough knowledge of regulations and stay up to date with any changes to the Approved Documents. This allows us to give expert advice on the requirements of your project.

When do You Need Approval?

Building Regulations approval is necessary for any new structural work and alterations. Other types of work that may need approval include drainage, electrics and cavity wall insulation. This covers a broad range of projects in Guildford, from home extensions to aspects of property renovations.

However, most minor works do not need Building Regulations approval. For example, kitchen and bathroom property refurbishments do not generally need approval, but any drainage and electrical work that forms part of these projects might.

What do Building Regulations Cover?

The Building Regulations cover various aspects of construction, and our builders ensure compliance in every area. Among other things, loft conversions, renovations and other domestic projects in Guildford must adhere to documents relating to the following:

• Structure
• Fire Safety
• Contamination & Damp
• Sound
• Ventilation
• Drainage
• On-Site Safety
• Access
• Glazing
• Electrics

By complying with these documents, we ensure your home meets the highest standards of safety, workmanship and function. Because all extensions and property renovations are different, they have different requirements but, with over 20 years of experience, our builders deliver ideal results.


To ensure work in Guildford meets regulations, it must go through an inspection process. This involves an inspection at different stages of construction and property refurbishments.

While our builders can start work on home extensions and loft conversions before getting approval, we cannot go further than each inspection phase without the approval of an independent inspector.

Completion Certificate

When we finish home extensions to the satisfaction of an inspector, they issue a completion certificate. This is an important document that you will need if you want to sell your home in the future.

To obtain the completion certificate, the building control officer must have all relevant certificates, such as electrical safety and SAP rating. Work will also need to pass a final site inspection.

For more information about Building Regulations requirements for home extensions, conversions or other projects, call us today on 01483 776455 or 07813 026943.