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Property Renovations in Cobham | Why Improving is Better than Moving

If you need more living space, or your home isn’t quite meeting your needs, you’ve probably thought about moving. However, with the range of services our builders provide, improving your current property can prove much more beneficial. From home extensions and loft conversions that increase space, to property renovations and refurbishments that update and transform your home, we have the answer. So, think twice about moving and discover how your current Cobham property can provide everything you need.

While moving may seem like the easier option, there are many benefits to opting for property refurbishments instead. Below are some of the key reasons why improving is better than moving:

Lower Costs

There’s no denying that moving is expensive. On top of soaring house prices, you’ve got stamp duty, solicitors fees, van hire and all the other costs that come with moving home. As such, many people are choosing to work on their current property instead.

Home extensions are a popular option in Cobham for creating much needed space and they are considerably cheaper than a new home. Loft conversions are also a cost-effective way to increase living space. The added benefit of these projects is that they add to the resale value of your property.

Even small property refurbishments can greatly improve your home at a fraction of the cost of moving. For example, our builders design and fit new kitchens and bathrooms that increase function and comfort.

Less Stress

The high levels of stress that come with moving are enough to put anyone off. So, what if you could have your dream home without the hassle of moving? That’s where property renovations come in.

At CBC Builders, we meet your requirements with minimal stress. Whether undertaking home extensions or property refurbishments in Cobham, we manage your project from start to finish. This means you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Furthermore, we minimise disruption to your home to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. This includes keeping your property clean and tidy. In addition, when carrying out loft conversions, we undertake most work from outside, so you’re free to live in your house as normal.


While you might think you need a new, empty house to create a unique and personalised home, there are many ways you can do this without moving. One of the benefits of improving your home is it gives you the opportunity to really make it yours. Plus, without moving, you have more money to spend on personalisations.

Because CBC Builders tailors each project to the customer, you have the freedom to design your home exactly the way you want it. For examples of the high-quality results we achieve, please see our previous work. Some examples include:

• Home extensions that maximise natural light, create an open plan kitchen-diner, or provide an extra bedroom.
• Loft conversions in various styles that you can use as a bathroom, playroom, office, bedroom or home cinema.
• Interior alterations that allow you to redesign the layout of your home in Cobham.
• Property renovations and refurbishments to repair and modernise different aspects, such as kitchens and bathrooms, paintwork and heating systems.

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